Vins, Canonbury

Increased bookings via Instagram and Google whilst showcasing the incredible food Vins serves.

Key Results (May 2022 – August 2022 )

+1200 – More Instagram Followers

+283% – Traffic from Google

+25%- More Bookings

Facebook + Instagram



Vins is an intimate restaurant and community wine bar, serving natural wines and a weekly menu of scrumptious contemporary market-fresh food. in Canonbury, London. Vin, the owner, came to us needing more bums in seats as it’s slightly off the beaten track of Islington. Canonbury was however getting a decent number of local searches so we ranked Vins for more keywords on Google and also optimised the results Vins was getting from Instagram.

Vins Canonbury

Vinny only had a small team and no one was really doing anything in terms of marketing. Thankfully his service and food were 10/10 which meant word of mouth was working. But to speed up the process of giving those early adopters a great experience to talk about, we needed to find more of them.

We first added a blog to the website and wrote dedicated blog posts for each to rank on Google. Especially for keywords related to local searches in Canonbury.

Vins social media was active but they weren’t showcasing the venue in the right way. We stopped running the social media profiles as an advertorial and made them more interesting with behind the scene footage and insights into the menu that were actually interesting. We also invited respected food bloggers to Vins to create Reels on it showcasing the food.

Vins London

The goal was to get more bookings consistently, especially during the week when Vins wasn’t very busy. Within the first 3 months we increased Vins bookings by 25% every month, traffic from Google was up over 250% within 3 months and we added over 1200 new followers to Vins Instagram.

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