The Crown, Cricklewood

Increase bookings and walk-ins for one of  Cricklewood’s swankiest pubs. We rank the venue on Google and increased their social media presence.

Key Results (last 3 months)

0 to  1741 followers on social

+10% increase in revenue from social

Introduced new themed events

Facebook + Instagram
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CJ Digital helped The Crown orchestrate a grand opening for their new pub, ensuring a successful launch that set the stage for future prosperity. We took a multi-pronged approach, managing their social media presence to build anticipation and excitement. Furthermore, we crafted innovative marketing strategies to grab attention and draw in customers. To solidify their brand identity and generate buzz, we also facilitated visits from influential figures within the social media landscape.


At CJ Digital, we partnered with The Crown to orchestrate a triumphant launch for their new pub. This comprehensive strategy ensured a strong opening that positioned them for long-term success.

To amplify The Crown’s launch and cultivate a loyal following, CJ Digital spearheaded their social media presence. We crafted engaging content that generated excitement and buzz, building anticipation for their grand opening. Our social media management strategy ensured consistent communication, fostering a community around The Crown and keeping them at the forefront of potential customers’ minds. 

We also leveraged the power of social media influencers. We strategically targeted personalities whose audience aligned with The Crown’s brand identity. By inviting these influencers to experience the venue firsthand, we cultivated authentic content that reached a wider audience and sparked excitement for the grand opening.


CJ Digital’s comprehensive social media strategy for The Crown yielded impressive results. Prior to our involvement, The Crown had minimal social media presence. Through targeted campaigns and engaging content, we grew their follower base to 1,741 – a testament to the effectiveness of our approach. We fueled this growth with a consistent stream of content – over 200 social posts in total. This content not only captured attention but also translated into real-world results. Social media alone drove a 10% increase in revenue for The Crown, highlighting the power of a well-executed online presence.

But our impact extended beyond follower growth and clicks. We leveraged the power of social media influencers to generate excitement for The Crown. By strategically inviting personalities whose audience aligned with The Crown’s brand, we facilitated authentic content creation. These influencer visits translated into genuine buzz and anticipation for the pub’s launch.

Furthermore, CJ Digital didn’t stop at social media. We became a true creative partner for The Crown, brainstorming innovative ideas to set them apart from the competition. This included suggesting engaging events like Sunday night jazz nights and live sport activations, which would attract new customers and create a vibrant atmosphere. We also offered menu suggestions to further enhance the pub’s offerings and cater to a wider audience. This blend of online and offline strategies ensured The Crown’s launch was a resounding success.

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