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Increase reach and brand awareness across 5 venues in the UK. We optimise their key social media platforms for growth, implement their SEO strategy and get incredible results from PPC month on month.

Key Results (last 3 months)

+£18.66 return per £1  ad spend

+9000 p/m – Traffic from Google

+15000 – Monthly Unique Visitors

+50% – More Instagram Followers



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In August 2023, CJ Digital’s expertise flowed into Bootlegger Bars, a spirited client seeking to amplify their online presence. We (to this day) crafted a comprehensive digital marketing strategy encompassing SEO, PPC, and social media (Facebook and Instagram) to quench their thirst for increased visibility and customer engagement. This targeted approach aimed to propel all the Bootlegger bars to the top of search engine results, attract a wider audience through strategic paid advertising, and foster a vibrant online community around their unique brand. By harnessing the power of SEO optimization, targeted PPC campaigns, and engaging social media content, CJ Digital poised Bootlegger Bars to conquer the digital landscape and raise a toast to online success.

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CJ Digital knew that driving ticket sales for Bootlegger Bars’ live music nights across multiple locations demanded a multi-pronged approach. First, we built targeted PPC campaigns for Facebook and Instagram, highlighting the diverse array of bands taking the stage each night. By leveraging dynamic product ads featuring high-quality band imagery and performance snippets, we captivated local audiences and enticed them to click through to purchase tickets. This laser-focused advertising not only boosted attendance but also ensured fans discovered gigs that piqued their musical interests.

On the social media front, we spearheaded the creation of a flagship Instagram and Facebook account for the Bootlegger brand, crafting engaging content that captured the essence of their speakeasy vibes and infectious live music scene. But we didn’t stop there. Recognizing the power of local connection, we also guided dedicated account managers at each Bootlegger venue on crafting social strategies tailored to their specific communities. This localized approach allowed them to showcase local performers, highlight upcoming events, and foster vibrant online communities around each bar, effectively turning every social media page into a virtual extension of the Bootlegger experience.

Finally, we turbocharged Bootlegger’s SEO by introducing a website blog. This blog acts as a content hub, regularly publishing engaging articles and listicles optimized for specific keyword phrases relevant to each venue. From “Best Jazz Bars in Bristol” to “Top 5 Up-and-Coming Bands in Brighton,” these optimized pieces not only attract organic search traffic but also position each Bootlegger bar as a local authority on live music, ultimately leading more music lovers through their doors.

By seamlessly blending targeted PPC advertising, localized social media strategies, and SEO-driven content creation, CJ Digital ensured that Bootlegger Bars resonated with the right audiences, driving ticket sales and solidifying their reputation as the go-to destinations for a night of unforgettable live music across the UK.


The results speak volumes – CJ Digital’s strategic approach not only invigorates Bootlegger Bars’ online presence but also translates into resounding real-world success. Our data-driven PPC campaigns on Facebook and Instagram delivered an impressive £18.66 average return on every £1 spent, effectively turning online clicks into sold-out gigs and buzzing bars. December 2023 saw Bootlegger Bars experiencing record-breaking days and numerous sold-out events, a testament to the effectiveness of our targeted online advertising efforts.

But the impact went beyond immediate ticket sales. Our SEO optimization efforts, spearheaded by the blog’s optimized content, yielded a 9,000-month-on-month increase in organic traffic from Google, propelling each Bootlegger venue higher in search rankings and attracting a wider audience eager to discover their unique musical offerings. This organic growth was further amplified by our social media strategies, resulting in a +50% increase in Instagram followers across all Bootlegger accounts. This surge in online engagement fostered vibrant online communities around each bar, solidifying their local presence and turning followers into loyal patrons.

In essence, CJ Digital’s comprehensive approach transformed Bootlegger Bars from hidden gems into sought-after destinations for live music lovers. The measurable results – impressive ROI, record-breaking attendance, and booming online communities – stand as a testament to the power of our digital marketing expertise. We continue to work closely with Bootlegger Bars, fine-tuning our strategies and amplifying their success, ensuring that the music never stops and the good times keep flowing.


We continue to work with Bootlegger and hope to keep growing all the key drivers for their success.

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