Goodfella’s, Staten Island

Increase takeaway and collection sales as well as increase footfall to the restaurant. Helped them dominate social media, climb search engine rankings, and achieve incredible results through paid ads.

Key Results:

+30% – Takeaway + Collection Revenue

+300% – Traffic from Google

+3000 – Monthly Unique Visitors

+58% – More Instagram Followers

Facebook + Instagram
Paid Social



CJ Digital worked with Goodfellas on Staten Island from late 2022, all the way to the end of 2023. To the point where they could afford to go in-house for their marketing activities. Our focus was on increasing revenue from takeaway orders as well as physical bookings in the restaurant. We achieved this by using a mix of SEO, PPC and influencer marketing.

Goodfellas Staten Island Testimonial

CJ Digital knew a singular approach wouldn’t cut it for Goodfella’s. We orchestrated a multi-pronged offensive, enveloping Staten Islanders with Goodfella’s delicious goodness across every digital avenue. SEO optimized their website, propelling them up local search rankings and landing hungry eyes on those mouthwatering pizzas. 

Paid ads on Google and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram targeted key demographics, ensuring Goodfella’s was the first craving-slaying option to appear. We even tapped into the power of local influencers, letting their passionate voices sing the praises of Goodfella’s unique flavors. And to top it all off, irresistible email newsletters kept regulars in the loop and enticed new faces with sizzling specials. This omnichannel symphony ensured Goodfella’s wasn’t just heard, it was devoured.

Celebrities that went to Goodfellas

CJ Digital’s magic touch didn’t just sprinkle parmesan on Goodfella’s online presence; it transformed their business into a cheesy, garlicky, revenue-generating masterpiece. Within a mere six months, takeaway and collection orders exploded by 30%, a testament to the irresistible aroma we crafted online.

But the feast didn’t stop there. Google became a smorgasbord of success, with traffic tripling thanks to our SEO alchemy. Goodfella’s website rose like a perfectly proofed dough, ranking for a staggering 300+ core keywords. That’s 300+ virtual doors flung open, welcoming a hungry horde of 3,000 new visitors every month.

And let’s not forget the social media dough we kneaded! Instagram, the land of food photography, saw Goodfella’s follower count inflate by 58%. Imagine the endless stream of “likes” and “drool” emojis flooding their feed – a testament to the mouthwatering content we whipped up.

CJ Digital didn’t just deliver slices; we delivered a full-blown Italian feast to Goodfella’s online presence. The results speak for themselves, a symphony of increased revenue, website traffic, and social media engagement that would make any Nonna proud. 

Buon appetito, Goodfella’s! 🇮🇹

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