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Improved Nightjar’s SEO presence and PPC campaigns for a more sustainable future.

Key Results (Oct 2023 – Present)

50% -Saved in time spent on SEO

x5 – More Keywords Ranking

x2 – More Bookings from Facebook + Instagram ads





Nightjar, a renowned London venue, teamed up with CJ Digital to unlock their online potential. Our expert consultants empowered their team with SEO and PPC knowledge, optimizing their website, crafting targeted Google Ads, and revamping existing PPC campaigns. This collaborative effort skyrocketed their Google ranking, attracting more guests and solidifying their digital presence. Dive in to discover the specific strategies and remarkable results!

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Instead of taking the reins directly, CJ Digital served as expert consultants for Nightjar, equipping their team with the strategies and know-how to dominate Google, PPC & other marketing tactics to drive bookings. We tackled SEO by combining their Shoreditch website with the Carnaby website to cut their SEO work in half. Instead of building up the domain authority of two websites, they could now concentrate on one. The focus was on optimizing their website and content, and we crafted high-performing Google Ads campaigns, and we revamped existing PPC efforts for maximum efficiency. This knowledge-sharing approach empowered Nightjar’s internal team to achieve impressive results, driving more qualified guests and solidifying their online presence.



CJ Digital’s partnership with Nightjar wasn’t just about sharing knowledge, it was about delivering impactful results. By empowering their team with SEO best practices, we halved their workload, allowing them to focus on a single domain and achieve remarkable search engine dominance. Nightjar now enjoys over 12,000 monthly hits from Google SEO, a testament to the optimized website and targeted content strategy we implemented. But the impact doesn’t stop there. Nightjar now ranks for a staggering 4,400+ keywords, ensuring they’re seen by potential guests searching for everything from their signature cocktails to their unique atmosphere. And the results extend beyond just website traffic. Social media bookings have doubled, showcasing the power of our integrated approach that seamlessly blends SEO with social media engagement. Nightjar’s success story is a clear example of how CJ Digital’s expertise translates into tangible results that boost visibility, attract guests, and drive revenue.

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