The Eden Experiences, Croydon

Increasing The Eden Experiences’ traffic from Google via organic SEO and Google paid ads

Key Results (Oct 2023 – Present)

x7 – Increase in Organic Traffic from Google

x5 – More Keywords Ranking

x3 – More Bookings from Google ads





CJ Digital partnered with The Eden Experiences, a captivating venue hire space in Croydon, London, to amplify their online reach and drive bookings for weddings and corporate events. Leveraging strategic SEO and targeted Google Ads campaigns, we unlocked significant growth.

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To propel The Eden Experiences, a captivating venue in Croydon, to the forefront of online searches, CJ Digital implemented a multifaceted approach. We unearthed high-value keywords and weaved them into informative blog posts, establishing The Eden Experiences as a sought-after resource. Simultaneously, we crafted hyper-specific Google Ads, highlighting their unique offerings and driving potential clients to conversion-optimized landing pages. Through meticulous SEO and data-driven advertising, we unlocked significant growth, boosting organic traffic and Google Ads bookings, transforming their online presence into a magnet for weddings and corporate events.

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CJ Digital’s strategic duo of SEO and Google Ads yielded impressive results for The Eden Experiences. Organic traffic from Google blossomed by a remarkable 7x, exposing them to a vast new audience. Keyword rankings soared 5x, propelling them to the top of search results for relevant terms, ensuring potential clients stumbled upon their stunning venue with ease. Google Ads bookings bloomed 3x, translating online interest into flourishing business with a surge in events hosted at The Eden Experiences. Remarkably, we achieved these results with a cost-effective approach, boasting a Google Ads CPC of just £0.30p. To further fuel their online presence, we cultivated a vibrant blog with over 50 SEO-rich posts, establishing them as a thought leader in their field. This multi-pronged approach transformed The Eden Experiences’ online presence, attracting more qualified leads and ultimately, more events.


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