Sensation, Liverpool

CJ Digital have been tasked with managing Sensation’s technical SEO campaigns and content strategy for their website.

Key Results (Oct 2022 – Present)

+600% – Increase in Organic Traffic from Google

x 12 – More Keywords Ranking

+30 – Keywords in 1-3 Positions




Sensation was a brand new rooftop bar and nightclub in Liverpool that had zero Google presence when we took them on. They wanted to rank on Google for the key keywords that would result in bookings.

Sensation Liverpool
Because Sensation had zero SEO presence, as it was a new website, and no foundation to work with, we first had to draw up a keyword matrix to understand the best keywords to rank for. Using our SEO tools we could find out the search volume for each keyword as well as the search difficulty for each one. This meant that we could prioritise what keywords we should rank for and which ones we would rank for the quickest (no point on being on page 2 if it’s competitive). After 3 months we started ranking for Sensation’s dream keywords such as ‘rooftop bars in Liverpool’ and ‘best nightclub in Liverpool’. We also increased Sensations domain authority (DA) from 1 to 18 within 2 months by getting backlinks from high value websites. This, along with the review strategies, created a mix of SEO strategies that perpelled Sensation to the top of Google to start getting bookings. 
Sensation Google

The goal was to get more bookings consistently from Google, not traffic. It was all about conversions. We saw a 600% increase in search traffic within 4 months, 12x more keywords ranking and over 30 keywords in positions 1-3. These keywords were also Sensation’s dream keywords. This inbound traffic was perfect for Sensation as it was people searching for exactly what they were offering, a decent bar and nightclub experience. Bookings and revenue increased shortly after.

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