UGC – How to Get More User Generated Content for Your Venue

UGC for Venues

User generated content (UGC) is any kind of content that is created and shared by users, rather than by brands or businesses. This could be anything from a review or rating to a photo or video.

UGC is important because it helps build trust and credibility with potential customers. When they see that other people have had positive experiences with your venue, they’re more likely to want to visit themselves.

So how can you get more UGC for your venue? Here are some tips:


Make it easy for users to submit their content

This could be as simple as setting up a dedicated email address or hashtag, or providing a submission form on your website.

The easier you make it for people to share their content, the more likely they are to do so.


Highlight and feature user generated content on your platform

This could include featuring submissions in a dedicated section or weekly roundup, or even just giving a shoutout to great content when you see it.

Showing that you value and appreciate UGC will encourage more people to submit their own.


Offer incentives for users to submit their content

This could be something as simple as offering a discount or free drink for those who share their content, or holding regular contests with prizes for the best submissions.

Check out Ttagz – a platform that invites customers who are in your venue to create content in return for social posts.

This simplifies the process and incentivises customers to make sure UGC is happening enough to yield results from social media.


Simply show the customer a good time and they are far more likely to post

At the end of the day, a user will create content if they like the venue and they have something to post about.

For example, if you’re a restaurant you could use beautiful crockery and present the food in such a way that people won’t be able to resist but to take a photo and upload to social media.

Photo ops in bars and nightclubs work really well as well.

For example, you could create a backdrop in the entrace of the nightclub where people are encourage to take photos with their friends.

If they like the photo they will upload it.


Summing up

User generated content is a great way to build trust and credibility with potential customers.

By making it easy for users to submit their content, highlighting and featuring it on your platform, and offering incentives for people to share, you can encourage more UGC for your venue.

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