Tia Maria, Vauxhall

Optimised their SEO strategy, grew their Instagram and other social platforms to drive traffic  to Tia Maria’s table service and live music events.

Key Results (March 2023 – June 2023 )

+20% – Revenue

+162% – Traffic from Google

+2500 – Monthly Unique Visitors

+62.2% – More Instagram Followers

Facebook + Instagram



CJ Digital worked with Tia Maria between January 2022 and June 2023. We nearly tripled their traffic from Google within this time and grew their social platforms by over 60%. Tia Maria is a Brazilian restaurant and live music bar based in Vauxhall that serves incredible food and has a unique live music scene.

Tia Maria Vauxhall

When we first took on Tia Maria as a client we were still in the aftermath of COVID and venues were struggling. Tia Maria had accumulated a decent loyal fanbase over the years, especially Brazilians living in London. However, COVID meant a lot of these people went back to Brazil so Tia Maria needed to find ways of getting new people in.

CJ Digital first created a marketing plan for approval. This involved implementing SEO strategies, adding a blog to the site and utilising social media a lot more. Our focus was on video (Reels and TikTok) showcasing how fun the bar is with the live music.

As Tia Maria had a decent foundation for their SEO (a DA score of 24) we built on this and got results from Google pretty quickly. The blog involved mainly writing about Brazilian dishes, music and drinks that people were searching for. We ranked Tia Maria for over 2000 new keywords within 6 months and the traffic was starting to see a boost.

Eduardo, the owner of Tia Maria wanted to consistently beat the previous months revenue and get Tia Maria back to where it was pre-COVID. We helped Ed do just that and revenue grew by over 20% every month.

The SEO efforts especially helped grow the traffic to the site which resulted in event bookings and guaranteed revenue. The organic traffic from Google nearly tripled and we added 1000s of new people to Tia Maria’s follower count.

We stopped working with Tia Maria in June 2023 because Eduardo could afford to hire a team to take the marketing internally. We are hoping to take their SEO back on again in early 2024.

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