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Increasing Azul Monkey’s organic traffic from Google via on-page and off-page SEO practices.

Key Results (March 2023 – Present)

+357% – Increase in Organic Traffic from Google

x5 – More Keywords Ranking

+80 – Keywords in 1-3 Positions




Azul Monkey came to us asking to help them rank on Google. Crosby had a lot of search terms with high volume that Azul Monkey was missing out on. We focused on breakfast and cafe related keyword terms and helped them rank for over 80 keywords phrases in the 1st to 3rd positions.

Azul Monkey Crosby Liveroool
Azul Monkey was an established venue with a loyal following, however they weren’t ranking well on Google. We shared with Azul Monkey our Google review strategies to help them get more reviews for Google’s local pack on the map. We then created a keyword matrix for them, focusing on breakfast and cafe related keyword phrases. Next we added them to hundreds of directories and citation sites to help Google recognise that the information on their Google My Business profile was accurate. This helped Azul Monkey rank on the map within 2 months. We also got Azul Monkey in over 100 publications related to hospitality.
Azul Monkey Crosby Google Profile

Within 3 months we increased Azul Monkey’s Google traffic from 350 a month to over 1600 hits. A 357% increase. We also added a blog to Azul Monkey’s website which allowed us to rank for over 500 keyword phrases. With over 80 of these being in the 1st to 3rd positions, which naturally get the most clicks on Google.

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