Hospitality Marketing Agencies – Are they Worth It?


Have you ever considered hiring hospitality marketing agencies to take your venue’s potential to the next level?

It can be tough to decide if they’re worth the initial investment, but you’ll be surprised just how many benefits you can get from such a small cash injection.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what marketing agencies can offer you and help you decide if they’re the right fit for your business.

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Hospitality marketing agencies


Agencies will save you time

As a venue owner or manager you know better than anyone that time is always against you.

You probably have barely any time to read this post, let alone market your business properly. But read on as it could free up a lot of your precious time in the future.

Unfortunately, to get good results from your marketing activities it requires a lot of input and if you don’t have any spare time then outsourcing is the best way to go.

Key point: If you don’t feel like you’re putting enough hours into marketing and you can’t afford an in-house team, hiring a hospitality marketing agency will be the right option for you.


Agencies will make you more revenue

Most venues can get enough people through the doors organically at peak times – such as the weekends and holidays.

Clever tactics and hospitality specific marketing strategies need to be implemented to make sure venues are busy at all times, including the quieter periods around Monday lunchtime. And this is where agencies can help.

They can bring these strategies to the table to help drive more revenue.

And they will also be able to implement the strategies so you can focus on your business.

Key point: If your venue is only busy at the weekends and peak times, then an agency might be a good idea. They can focus on the strategies to get a constant influx of people at all times, which is one of the best ways of increasing your revenue every month.


Agencies will save you money

If your venue is going to succeed it’s going to need good hospitality marketing, consistently every month.

If you don’t have the time or energy to do this yourself then you either need to hire a marketing person in-house or use an agency.

A decent in-house marketing position can cost a venue anything between £2.5k and £5k a month with the average salary in the UK being £30k. Not cheap.

An agency on the other hand can only cost around £1k a month. A considerable saving with even bigger rewards.

Key point: Agencies usually cost a lot less than hiring in-house. 


Agencies have the knowledge you need to succeed

Agencies hire the best marketing people and have years of marketing experience under their belts.

Hospitality marketing has become incredibly complex and requires deep knowledge and understanding to be able to leverage the best results.

Digital marketing isn’t straight forward at all.

For example, for venues, some of the most important marketing you can do is SEO (getting your venue placed near the top of Google’s local map).

SEO is a science within itself and requires a lot of skill, input and even a decent contact list.

Key point: Marketing isn’t easy. Hiring an agency can fill your knowledge gap within your business.


Hospitality marketing agencies have industry contacts

Getting your venue featured in the top industry publications like Time Out isn’t easy.

You could spend hours and hours reaching out to websites, bloggers and publications to get a mention without any luck.

Agencies have these contacts and relationships with key people so you can get featured far more easily and much faster.

Key point: Agencies have contacts and relationships with the key people in the industry for marketing exposure.


If your venue isn’t busy every day of the week, your time is limited or you can’t afford a decent marketing team, then hiring hospitality marketing agencies will be the best thing you do for your business.

Are they worth it?

When you compare the costs of hiring an agency vs hiring in-house and the revenue of a venue with an agency vs one without, agencies can certainly be worth it.

What’s more, with an agency, you’ll likely get more hands on deck than from hiring a single employee.

It’s likely you’ll make more revenue, save time and save money with an agency.

It’s important you choose one that you have a great relationship with, they are transparent with what they’re doing and you feel like they are just an extension of your business.

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